How To Get More Views By Using All Caps In Your Video Titles

Like a headline, a video title informs viewers about what they’re about to watch. However, it also serves to grab their attention. Keywords, length, and word choice all affect how the audience responds to your video title. Another aspect of a title you may not have considered is capitalization. By using all caps in an intentional way, you can really hook your viewers.

Here are a few ways to get more views by using all caps in your video titles.

1. Put the entire title in all caps to grab viewers’ attention.

The easiest way to write a title that really grabs viewers’ attention is to put it in all caps. On the internet, people tend to associate all caps with yelling. By putting the entire title in capital letters, you’re shouting your video title above all of the other content in your viewers’ subscription boxes.

Gabbie Hanna puts most of her storytime video titles in all caps. Along with a great thumbnail, these titles help her videos get millions of views.

2. Use all caps to emphasize keywords in your title.

Keywords play an important role in search engine optimization. When viewers search for these specific terms, they skim the results for the most relevant content. Use all caps to emphasize the keywords in your video title to guide these viewers towards your videos.

In one of her latest videos, Simply Nailogical mimicked another vlogger’s take on the trend of recreating someone else’s beauty tutorial. To separate her videos from similar ones, she put “only” and “voiceover” in all caps.

3. Separate the title from the series name.

All caps also comes in handy when you’re creating a video series. For each new upload, you can put the episode title in all caps and stylize the series name like normal. That way, either part of the title may catch new viewers’ attention.

On DanAndPhilGAMES, the boys use all caps to separate the name of the game they’re playing from the “Dan vs. Phil” series title.

4. Write your title in lowercase to make it stand out.

Many creators use some form of all caps in their video titles. However, not many write their titles in all lowercase letters. Doing so can make your titles stand out just as much as writing them in all caps would.

Dodie writes most of her video titles in lowercase. Stylizing her titles this way sets the mood for her calm, introspective videos.

Video titles in all caps grab viewers’ attention and entice them to click on your videos. Try one of these methods to make your video titles stand out and help you get more views.

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