How To Attract Advertisers To Your Channel

Many people who are looking to make it big on YouTube are curious at the different methods available to make money. Some channels do it by sheer talent and a few lucky subscribers, others tend to go the advertising route.

Here are a few tips for attracting advertisers to your channel.

1. Keep your video ideas simple and profitable.

Many new YouTubers believe that they will become the next big thing but only have a few ideas for their first videos. A few of the biggest names on YouTube found a niche they enjoyed and expanded from there.

Michelle Phan started out doing makeup tutorials but expanded to a personable vlog about bettering oneself on the inside as well as out. If the idea can only go one route and not expand, try to find a bigger niche to expand into.

Here is a video that explains some of the better ideas on YouTube today.

2. Demographics are important to a YouTube channel.

Demographics (or a particular group in the population) are extremely important to think about when creating a profitable channel. YouTube has a rather large demographic reach, but its most profitable are ages 25-44.

If a topic is too narrow in a demographic, (ex. Turning 21, graduating high school) there is a smaller group of people that will click on to that video. If the demographic can cover an age range, (ex. Makeup tutorials, DIY, food, budgeting) there are many ways that the videos can evolve while keeping the subscribers coming back to watch more videos.

This video shows an app that shows the demographics of a YouTube channel.

3. Contact an advertiser that works within your demographic.

Some advertisers are looking for a specific demographic when it comes to their ad campaigns. If a video is tailored to high school students, then it is a bad idea to have advertisements for mortgage rates. This is why advertisers can choose the videos that will work best for what they’re selling.

Quantcast can actually help find the perfect demographic for a certain video or site. If a creator knows what they want to do for their videos and has an example from another site, they can go to Quantcast to see the reach of that site and demographics. It is relatively easy to maneuver in Quantcast, which makes it very valuable to YouTube creators.

Here is a video describing Quantcast.

Having a focus on a channel in YouTube is extremely important. If a creator wants to reach a bigger populace, advertising is the way to improve reach as well as making some money in the long run.

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