3 Awesome Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel

When it comes to getting YouTube views, channel promotion is the name of the game. Great promotion requires quite a bit of out-of-the-box thinking.

Here are three awesome ways to promote your YouTube channel.

1. Wear your own merch around town.

If you’re already selling shirts or hats with your channel name on them, why not incorporate them into your daily wardrobe? When friends ask where you got that cool bracelet, you can point them towards your YouTube channel.

When Shane Dawson sold these epic sunglasses, he wore them both in videos and in real life.

2. Rent a sign or billboard.

Roadside promotion works for traditional businesses, so why not give it a shot for your channel? Rent a billboard or hang up a few signs around town to really draw attention to your channel. Better yet, make the signs the focus of a new vlog!

Your billboard may look something like Lilly Singh’s.

3. Form a street team.

Arm a few of your friends with chalk and business cards to promote your channel around town. Write your channel name on public sidewalks and near popular businesses with chalk. Then, ask local businesses if you can hang business cards or flyers inside.

This can make for a great video idea, as well!

If you want to promote your channel to a huge audience, then don’t be afraid to try something unconventional.

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