How This Singer Got Her Big Break On YouTube

23-year-old Megan Nicole made her Youtube debut in 2009, and less than two years later, she launched her own music career with her original song “B-e-a-u-tiful.” Fast forward six years, the Texas native is now performing around the globe, and she has nearly four million subscribers on YouTube.

Here’s how she did it.

1. She never backed down from a collaboration.

Megan has explored all angles of fame to boost her career, including teaming up with fellow YouTube creators such as Tiffany Alford, Alex Zaichkowski, and even Boyce Avenue.

Not only does she get the chance to showcase her vocals, but with each collaboration, Megan broadens her fan base and brings even more exposure to her original songs.

Watch Megan and Boyce Avenue team up to cover Bryan Adam’s Heaven here.

2. She covers songs that are popular now.

In addition to writing her own music, Megan Nicole has been extremely successful in covering the latest and most popular songs, from Taylor Swift’s latest hit to trending Christmas songs that are perfect for the holiday season.

By releasing her cover of current music, Megan keeps her audience engaged and continues to expand her musical aspirations.

Watch her cover of “Love Me Now” by John Legend below.

3. She’s not afraid to get personal.

In addition to her original songs and covers, Megan offers several ways for fans to get to know who she really is. By creating videos such as “A DAY IN THE LIFE with Megan Nicole” or “#Ask Megan,” she provides her viewers with the opportunity to meet the girl behind the voice.

This fun insight into Megan’s life adds a more personal touch than what most fans are used to getting from their favorite artists, thus encourages fans to come back week after week to see what insight might be coming up.

Watch Megan teach her mom to play the guitar here.

Beginning a music career is never easy, but by taking it slow, collaborating with others, and allowing her fans to get to know who she really is, Megan Nicole has managed built up a solid and loyal fan base. Follow in her footsteps and watch your own music career take off.

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