How This YouTuber Used The Web To Increase His Influence

J. Kenji Lopez-Alt is a legend in the foodie world. His vast critical knowledge of food and scientific skill with cooking earned him the reputation of a food scientist. It wasn’t just talent that gained him recognition. His use of the internet to share his expertise made him a star.

Here’s how J. Kenji Lopez-Alt uses the web to grow his influence.

1. He started with a blog.

Blogging can be done by anyone, which is awesome and scary. Lopez-Alt used it as a jumping off point for his career. By discussing his passion he was able to attract not only an audience but a team of like-minded individuals. His blog hosts thousands of stories about cooking and restaurateurs who made it big.

2. Success led to a book.

The Food Lab is the culmination of all Lopez-Alt’s efforts on the blog. Every experiment he performed online that had to do with making food better made the cut. This massive hardcover is like the Bible for any foodie/scientist, and it was only possible thanks to the blog.

This is a common path that bloggers follow. For any writer, a blog is a great way to gain an audience for a first book, no matter the subject.

3. He immortalized his techniques on YouTube.

YouTube is possibly the greatest way to spread information, and while the blog was already successful, Lopez-Alt knew that he would reach more people on this platform. In his videos, he rarely strays from the food world. He reiterates a lot of what is seen on the blog, and in turn, he can reference his videos in blog posts to augment the articles.

YouTube and blogging go hand in hand, and indeed YouTube is a great way to grow a blog audience.

J. Kenji Lopez-Alt is famous for his use of the scientific method, and indeed his method to success was scientific as well. By taking steps and branching out, he has influenced thousands of chefs.

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Gabriel Dufurrena is a mathematician, writer, and educator living in Oakland, CA. When he’s not watching YouTube videos or teaching math, he’s following recipes to the T.

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