How This Musician Used YouTube To Share His Passion

Cuckoo Music is a channel devoted to one man’s journey as a musician. The channel focuses mostly on the use of synthesizers to produce electronic music. Often, this method of production remains behind the curtain, but Cuckoo uses YouTube to remove the facade.

Here is how Cuckoo used YouTube to share his passion and what he is doing right.

1. He shares his personal projects.

Often, producers hold on to their work until it can be released as an album or collection. The benefit of releasing it as it is created is it generates hype. It grasps attention over time.

The way Cuckoo records music is entertaining in itself. He posts up in his studio with a camera and props and gets down to business.

2. He focuses on tutorials.

The majority of videos on his channel are tutorials for equipment. This makes sense of an electronic producer because there is so much variety in the controllers used. These uploads likely attract the largest audience because they are educational and niche.

3. He collaborates with other producers.

YouTube is the best place to make collaborations transparent. Features and collaborations are always a footnote on songs, a reward for listeners who really pay attention and dive deep. In a video, though, the collaboration benefits both parties that much more.

Every person who watches the video will recognize one subject and be curious about the other. Cuckoo’s collaboration with Andrew Huang grew his audience. Any fan of Huang’s who appreciates Cuckoo’s unique approach to production jumped right over to his channel after that video.

Cuckoo is a growing musician on YouTube. His music, as well as his approach to YouTube, is unique and worth checking out. Collaborating and making tutorials are great ways to get exposure as a musician.

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