How Miley Cyrus Is Successfully Rebranding Her Music

Pop icon Miley Cyrus really through the music world for a loop when she dropped her music video for “Malibu.” Rather than the spotlight-loving wild child that had fought so hard to shake her Disney roots, the Miley in the video was simpler, more subdued, and still incredibly talented. Miley’s newest single marks a new era in her career and her personal life.

Here’s how Miley Cyrus is successfully rebranding her music.

1. She released a song unlike anything she’d done recently.

“Malibu” sounds nothing like the hits that made her famous like “Party In The USA” and “Wrecking Ball,” but it’s also worlds away from her latest release, the experimental album Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz. Rather, “Malibu” stripped away all of the craziness and costumes that Miley had become associated with and instead focused on her real, raw talent as a singer-songwriter.

“Malibu” is reminiscent of Miley’s iconic song “The Climb.”

2. She openly discussed major changes she was making to her life.

After her infamous VMAs performance in 2013, Miley fell into a spiral of weed and hard partying. However, with the release of “Malibu,” she made a more important announcement. She was excited to let fans know that she was choosing sobriety. By walking away from drugs and alcohol, Miley was able to focus instead on creating music she loved, spending time with her family, and falling back in love with her fiance.

Miley gave several interviews about her exciting life changes.

3. The new music video shed Miley in a new light.

Before “Malibu,” Miley Cyrus’s public appearances always seemed to come with a gimmick. Whether it was her infamous haircut or her affinity for sticking out her tongue, Miley’s performances never seemed to focus on the music. However, the “Malibu” video showed viewers a different side of Miley.

In the music video, Miley is dressed simply on an empty beach. She’s calm, still, and happier than she’s ever been.

Miley Cyrus is reframing herself as a singer-songwriter. Her new song “Malibu” helped set her career in a new and beautiful direction.

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