How This YouTuber Gained 553K+ Subscribers In 4 Years

With over 25 million views and counting, 23-year-old Bri Hall has managed to become a very successful YouTuber. Originally known as Smartista Beauty, Bri enjoys vlogging about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

What makes her YouTube channel stand out?

1. She posts creative content.

In the YouTube world, you will find all sorts of videos. Some YouTubers will focus on beauty, while others will focus on DIY projects or cooking. Bri’s channel is about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, but she also puts different content that not a lot of YouTubers might do. For example, she has a series called “Draw with Me” in which she draws and paints different artists alongside poems.

In this video, she recites a poem she created to inspire her fans.

2. She posts relevant material that her viewers can relate to.

Fans love watching videos that they can also relate too because it makes them feel like part of something. If you focus on just reviewing or talking about your life, at some point, people will get bored. Changing things up and posting about relatable content can make a big difference.

3. She promotes self-love.

Promoting self-love is such an important thing, especially in today’s society where young people see so much negativity. Bri loves doing just that.

Her videos remind her viewers to always love themselves and take some “me time”. By doing this, she creates a connection with her fans because she is teaching them something valuable.

With just four years of being in the YouTube world, Bri Hall has managed to gain nearly half a million subscribers. Her YouTube videos make it easy to fall in love with her personality.

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