3 Videos You Can Film In 15 Minutes Or Less

Creating a quality YouTube video can take a lot of time, especially if you like to add a lot of cool effects during editing. However, you can save time and create more content by occasionally choosing video ideas that can be put together quickly.

Here are a few videos that you can film in fifteen minutes or less.

1. React to hate comments from your previous videos.

Caspar Lee dominated YouTube’s trending page with his “compliment track” a few weeks ago. He followed up with a video in which he reacted to hate comments that viewers left on his viral one.

2. Share a quick update on your life in a casual, chatty video.

Connor Franta returned from a short break with a super casual video he filmed on his webcam. He simply chatted to viewers about his life and opened the floor to conversation in the comments below.

3. Research an unsolved mystery.

Lisa Schwartz dedicated several of her weekly videos to retelling murder mysteries and other creepy stories. She does the research so that her viewers can simply listen and enjoy.

Filming your next video doesn’t have to be an all-day production. Try one of these video ideas to take a break from your regular schedule.

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