How This Indie Rock Song Became A Popular Sensation In 2017

Lord Huron’s song “The Night We Met” received a ton of success back in March of this year. The song became a hit on the Billboard rock charts and lead THR’s Top TV Songs chart.

So, how exactly is this song still popular, even after being released back in 2015?

1. It appeared on a TV show.

The main reason why the song became such a hit was because of its appearance on the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. The song aired on the fifth episode of the first season.

The audience caught on to the song pretty quick as they saw how the song correlated so well with the main characters, Clay and Hannah.

2. The lyrics tell a story.

Every now and then, people enjoy listening to a good song that they can connect to on a personal level. Songs that have meaning can bring emotions and feelings that one would usually not feel.

In “The Night We Met,” there is a message of introspection as the narrator examines his journey in what seems to be a bad relationship.

3. He released a lyric video after two years.

The only video posted for “The Night We Met” was an audio file with no music video, which still managed to get 24 million views.

Two years later, Lord Huron finally dropped a music video with lyrics. By doing this, they are revamping their old song back to life.

Lord Huron has shown how successful a song can be when it is used in a TV show with so much popularity. The group was able to top the charts all over again, as it did so back in 2015, landing a spot in the Billboard 200s and now the Billboard rock charts.

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