How This Video Got 19 Million Views

In 2014, popular vlogger Lisa Schwartz released her most popular video yet. The “Shake It Off” parody reached a whopping 19 million views! The video also has almost a quarter million likes and more than 40 thousand comments.

Here’s how Lisbug’s “Taylor Swift – Shake It Off PARODY” got more than 19 million views.

1. She parodied an extremely popular song.

At the time Lisa made this video, Taylor Swift’s “Shake If Off” was absolutely destroying the music charts. Everyone was listening to the country singer’s new pop release, and Lisa was quick to get in on the action. She made a mock version of the music video to address a few haters of her own.

If you want to make a parody, choosing something that’s extremely popular will draw tons of viewers in. Parodying a popular song is great because it will appear in searches for the song and its music video.

Here is the music that Lisa parodied.

2. She featured comments from viewers.

Many viewers loved Lisa’s video because she included comments from her viewers themselves. Though most of the song is centered around hate comments, Lisa rounded the video out with a chorus of comments from her supporters.

A great way to ensure that your viewers will watch your next video is to read a few comments from the viewers themselves. You can even do this in any video by giving a shout out to your favorite commenter from your last video.

Here’s another video Lisa made about hate comments.

3. She didn’t take herself too seriously.

From taking dares to testing wacky products, Lisa is never one to take herself too seriously. Of course, this video was no exception. Rather than branding herself as yet another vlogger-turned-singer, Lisa focused on the fun and didn’t try to make her singing voice sound perfect.

Viewers will enjoy your videos if you take it easy. Rather than trying to top other videos, focus on being yourself.

Lisa’s recent beauty videos are further proof that being yourself gets views.

4. She kept the title simple and easily shareable.

By keeping the title of her video simple, Lisa made sure that new viewers knew exactly what they were getting into. The keyword-rich title was also easily shareable and great for SEO.

Like Lisa, keep your video titles short and simple.

Here’s another example of Lisa’s well-written video titles.

Lisbug’s “Shake It Off” parody got more than 19 million views because it was the kind of video that anyone could relate to. If you follow these tips, then, like Lisa, you just may get a few million views on your next video.

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