How This YouTuber Earned 3 Million Subscribers

Ricky Dillon is a popular vlogger and musician. He’s been posting new videos every Sunday since 2009. He now has more than three million subscribers and more than 316 million total views.

Here’s how Ricky Dillon became so successful.

1. He got his start on a collaboration channel.

Ricky first made a name for himself on YouTube as part of the six-member collaboration channel Our2ndLife. When the group broke up in 2014, each member when his own way. The group spawned major stars such as Trevor Moran and Connor Franta.

Check out one of Ricky’s O2L videos below.

2. He’s open and honest with his subscribers concerning his personal life.

One of Ricky’s most popular videos is his honest confession “My Sexuality.” In the video, Ricky discusses how he came to identify as asexual. Viewers resonated with Ricky’s honesty. After posting the video, he became a strong voice for the asexual community.

Watch Ricky’s heartfelt video below.

3. He does projects outside of YouTube.

Ricky is more than just another vlogger. He’s also done many projects outside of YouTube, such as releasing an album and writing a book. Fans of these projects often make the move to Ricky’s YouTube channel.

Check out one of his music videos below.

Ricky Dillon earned more than three million subscribers by being open with them. He draws in viewers from his outside projects as well. Follow these tips to start earning a few million subscribers of your own.

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