How This Small YouTuber Got A Collaboration With A Major Internet Star

With a little over a hundred thousand subscribers, Ally Hardesty is used to creating content for a close-knit family of viewers. However, one of Ally’s recent videos caught the attention of YouTube stars Trisha Paytas and Shane Dawson. Shane was so excited that he even invited Ally to collaborate with him on a similar video!

Here’s how Ally Hardesty got a collaboration with a major YouTube star.

1. She used the names and faces of popular YouTubers in her video title and thumbnail.

The video that captured Shane and Trisha’s attention was “YOUTUBER CONSPIRACY THEORIES: PART 2 (Shane Dawson, Trisha Paytas, Sssniperwolf + More!).” However, if their names hadn’t been in the video title, then Trisha and Shane may never have found Ally’s video.

The best way to get a major YouTuber’s attention is to talk about him or her on your channel. Discuss conspiracy theories, react to their videos, or make a parody.

2. She made videos similar to those of her favorite YouTubers.

Ally’s YouTuber conspiracy theory videos were partly inspired by Shane’s popular conspiracy theories videos. In fact, the video that the two collaborated on was called “POP MUSIC CONSPIRACY THEORIES.”

Most YouTubers get ideas for new videos by watching content from channels that are similar to their own. Therefore, you should create videos similar to the ones that your ideal collaboration partners make.

3. She tweeted the video to major vloggers.

When Ally tweeted about her video, she tagged both Shane and Trisha. This helped them find her video in their mentions.

When you make a video that you want certain vloggers to see, don’t be afraid to tweet it to them or tag them in a screenshot on Instagram.

Ally Hardesty got the chance of a lifetime to collaborate with YouTube icon Shane Dawson because she made a video about him. Follow these tips to get one step closer to landing the collaboration of your dreams!

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