How This Band Takes YouTube Music Promotion To A New Level

Vulfpeck is a funk-toned quartet that has gained its fair share of attention since forming in 2011. They might be most famous for exploiting a loophole in Spotify’s revenue model by releasing a silent album and asking fans to listen to it while they sleep.

Their most consistent exploitation of loopholes, however, has to do with YouTube. Here’s how Vulfpeck has been using YouTube to promote its music.

1. YouTube allows unlimited uploads for free.

In fact, they encourage it. More content means more ads and more revenue. Vulfpeck uploads all of its music to YouTube rather than SoundCloud because it’s a larger website and doesn’t make you pay to upload.

2. The band records every song on video.

Most musician channels on YouTube will upload a song from their albums with just an image of the cover. They will include “Official Audio” in the title so viewers know they actually uploaded it, and it will be high quality.

Vulfpeck, however, uploads every song as if it were a music video. The band records its studio sessions and do quick edits to the footage before uploading, making for a more interesting viewing experience.

3. Vulfpeck is a diverse channel.

In addition to uploading music, the band uses the channel to release a variety of creative projects. Each member seems to have his own subsection of the channel to release a variety of videos, from comedy to music-focused.

Followers of the band can use the channel to learn more about the artists and their influences.

Vulfpeck uses YouTube to its fullest extent as far as music promotion goes. For any band or musician, YouTube is a great way to share music for free and even get ad revenue from the views.

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Gabriel Dufurrena is a mathematician, writer, and educator living in Oakland, CA. When he’s not watching YouTube videos or teaching math, he’s jamming out on the bass.

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