How This YouTuber Became A Music Sensation

George Miller, aka Filthy Frank, is a YouTuber famous for his off-kilter antics. On camera, he is ridiculous, abrasive, and at times offensive. Off camera, he’s a pretty intelligent, well-meaning person, as made apparent by appearances on podcasts and the like. During his six years as a YouTuber, he has been creating hype for a behind-the-scenes music career.

Here’s how he used his notoriety on YouTube to jumpstart his career as a musician.

1. He released music under the guise of his alter-ego, Pink Guy.

The music released by Pink Guy is mostly vulgar and spoofy in nature. The surprising twist is the high production quality. Miller creates his own beats, to which he spits jokey rhymes. While the lyricism leaves something to be desired, the beats are pretty amazing.

This was the first hint that he really knew what he was doing musically. He continued to make soundtracks for his videos. They were sometimes good, sometimes awkward, but always accomplished what they set out to do. That was a sign that he was musically competent.

2. He released an album under a new persona, Joji.

The Joji tapes were an instant hit. Miller intentionally didn’t want his channel to be related to the music, though. Filthy Frank was always a project meant to be taken lightly, and Joji was a bit more serious. Due to the nature of some of his offensive work as Filthy Frank, it made sense for Miller to want to create a divide between the two.

Joji fit perfectly into the chill, hip-hop beat genre that the internet goes crazy for. It’s clear that this was a passion of Miller’s mostly separate from his passion for video creation.

3. Joji just started performing.

Fans of Joji begged George Miller to create more music and created hype for it. When it seemed to have peaked, he decided to start performing. His first show at Boiler Room in LA was a hit.

Joji is still rising and finding his sound, but he already has a ton of eyes and ears on him. His success is largely thanks to his YouTube fanbase. Being a YouTuber helps grow a career as a musician.

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