How This Model Became A Popular YouTuber

Amanda Cerny has millions of followers across her social media accounts. She found internet stardom with Vine and now YouTube, where she already has 1.5 million subscribers.

Here’s how model Amanda Cerny became a popular YouTuber as well.

1. She gained attention in different areas of entertainment.

Amanda first came onto the scene when she was announced as Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in October 2011. She used the attention to launch her modeling career. Since then, she has guest-starred on several television shows and even starred in a movie.

Take a look at one of Amanda’s most popular videos below.

2. She starred in a YouTuber-led production.

Amanda’s first major movie role was Amber Day in Internet Famous. She starred alongside fellow YouTubers and Vine stars in this laugh-out-loud production. Many subscribers found her channel after watching the movie on Netflix.

Here’s a clip of Amanda in Internet Famous.

3. She released bloopers for the videos her viewers love.

Amanda’s viewers adore her laugh-out-loud skits. That’s why she gives them a little bit more with weekly “Cerny Bloops” to really let them behind-the-scenes.

Check out one of her recent blooper compilations below.

Amanda Cerny is a star for the internet generation. Aspiring social media stars can get a lot of great ideas by following her career.

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