How This Artist Got 2 Million Subscribers Listening To His Music

Musicians have often used YouTube to promote their work through original videos. One artist who has used YouTube to successfully market his music is Kygo.

Kygo has become a popular musician in the EDM genre in recent years, and the reasons below show why his YouTube channel earned over two million subscribers.

1. Kygo started out making remixes.

Kygo has produced numerous songs and remixes, which initially made him popular. He used social media and YouTube, in particular, to launch his own brand of music. His style of music tends to be vibrant and appealing to listeners.

Below is an example of his musical style.

2. His uses collabs to market his original music.

Kygo has defined his own style of music. He has used various media and social media outlets, such as Soundcloud and YouTube, to promote his music. He also produces remixes of popular original songs and collaborates with other artists, such as Ed Sheeran.

Below is an example of a collab he did with another artist.

3. The music videos he produces are entertaining to audiences.

Music videos always show the creativity of the musician’s mind. Kygo is no different, and his music videos illustrate his artistic mindset.

Below is a popular music video on his YouTube channel.

Above explains the reasons why Kygo has earned over two million subscribers on his YouTube channel. His musical style has become popular amongst listeners, and his marketing skills, along with the collabs he does, result in his music becoming more widely known. The music videos he produces show his artistic mindset.

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