How This YouTube Channel Appeals To Viewers Of All Ages

Youtube is a venue that has been used for music, fails, and other do-it-yourself fun. There has been an upswing in parents on YouTube because of one channel. Little Baby Bum has become increasingly popular because of their unique mix of children songs and stories with colorful animated characters. They attribute their success to a few things.

1. It serves a very specific purpose.

When parents need a little time to themselves, many of them may not have the funds to have children shows on hand. Little Baby Bum is a YouTube channel that has videos for just this purpose. Their videos can be played on a loop just in case the parents need to get some work done and won’t have to click play over and over again.

Here is one of their compilations parents love! It’s long but entertains children for a while.

2. It posts weekly new uploads.

Parents don’t have to wait weeks for new videos to come out. There are new videos uploaded regularly. This is great because many parents don’t want to burn out with the same songs over and over again. The weekly uploads show that the creators care about their viewers, as well as their sanity.

Here is a new video with characters that are fun to follow.

3. The channel is tying its name to merchandise.

Even though merchandising isn’t a must on YouTube, having a name behind the channel is helpful to gaining popularity. After finding that their videos were quite popular, Little Baby Bum created a website that parents can go to share their reviews of the videos and see what the creators are working on. Little Baby Bum is a very popular channel for both parents and their young children.

Here is their most popular video!

4. The videos are on a variety of topics.

If parents are focusing on food or brushing teeth, there are videos that correspond to these milestones. This variety makes Little Baby Bum’s channel even more popular than Baby Einstein. Parents love that their children can sing along, learn new things, and play along with the characters in the videos.

Here is a video that works with food.

Little Baby Bum creates videos that apply to both parents and children. Follow these tips to attract viewers of all ages.

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