How Rihanna Became A Chart Topping Artist

Born in Barbados, Rihanna rose to fame as a pop and R&B artist in 2005 with hit singles such as “Pon de Replay” and “SOS.” She has had multiple chart topping songs and is one of the highest selling artists in the world. How did this woman from the small island of Barbados become a chart-topping artist?

Here are a few ways how.

1. Her music is unique.

Though she is officially recorded as a pop, R&B, and/or hip-hop artist, Rihanna brings a music style that is unique to music. Incorporating her own culture and interests, music fans cannot help but be fascinated by the sound of the music.

Rihanna used this unique style of music since the beginning with the release of “Pon de Replay”

2. She is not afraid to be herself.

A big part of the reasons fans love Rihanna so much is that she is not afraid to be herself. Whether it is about her body, her beliefs, or her personal life, she is not ashamed to show the world who she is. This is powerful for fans.

3. She never gave up on her dreams.

Rihanna has dealt with several hardships throughout her life including parents with addiction and an abusive relationship with a boyfriend. These hardships, however, never slowed her down and she continued to work toward her goals.

Rihanna started with very little, but she was able to build herself up into one of the highest selling artists in the world. She did this by never giving up on who she is, whether it is in her music or her personally life, and by never letting hardships keep her down.

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