How This Mashup Channel Made It Big

When one thinks of pop songs, most people think of music that is on the radio, anything that is played numerous times a day. Vidya Vox is a YouTube channel that has grown beyond the norms of pop music and mashed Bollywood and pop songs to create a completely unique sound. Vidya Iyer is the genius behind Vidya Vox. Her YouTube success can be attributed to a few things.

1. She’s a pro at mixing new sounds.

Vidya was born in Chennai and raised in Virginia. She loves the Indian culture and wanted to bring her love of Indian music to America. She decided to start posting her videos to YouTube a year ago and was surprised at the response from her followers.

Here is her first mashup of Sia.

2. She shows her personality and grace.

In her videos, Vidya was impressed to find people were very interested in her look as well. She began a blog and posted answers to questions many of her subscribers had asked. Keeping in touch with her subscribers has made Vidya quite popular. Her popularity has been recognized by popular magazines like Cosmopolitan, as well as the Hindu Chronicle (which looks at individuals from India who have kept the culture alive).

Here is a video that shows Vidya answering questions of her subscribers.

3. She does plenty of collaboration with other YouTube artists.

Even though there are millions of videos on YouTube, there is a formula that has worked out for many artists. Collaboration is a great way to boost the popularity of an artist. In a world that has focused on being selfish, collaboration allows for people to work together to make something special. Vidya has seen this with quite a few of her videos. Her collaborations have been quite popular with her viewers.

Here is her collaboration with the Chainsmokers.

YouTube artist Vidya Vox is no stranger to popularity. She has used her channel to show her love of music and it has opened doors to people who have never known about the Indian culture. YouTube is a great place for musicians and cultures to come together.

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