How This Young Musician Became A Shining Star

Jackie Evancho tried her hand at America’s Got Talent, where she floored the judges with her powerful voice. Jackie has made some incredible strides for someone so young.

Her popularity can be attributed to a few things.

1. She breaks the rules of popular music.

One of the most interesting things said about Jackie was, “She is a prodigy, they break the rules by definition.” When Jackie was just 10 years old, she was invited to America’s Got Talent after submitting her YouTube video to the show.

She showed the judges that opera and classical music talent can be achieved by someone who is small. After winning America’s Got Talent, she has been asked back quite a few times to perform for their show.

Here is the video that shows her incredible leap into the world of music.

2. She takes whatever performance opportunities she’s offered.

Jackie has a few channels on YouTube that focus on her CDs and videos of her concerts. She has recently made an impression on the world by performing for Trump’s presidential inauguration. She performed the national anthem, and even though the whole affair caused contention for some people, her beautiful rendition of the anthem showed her strength of character.

She has performed the national anthem at numerous venues. Jackie is quite talented, and she doesn’t miss out on the opportunities afforded to her.

Here is that video showing her singing at Trump’s inauguration.

3. She showcases her talent across the globe.

Jackie has been asked to perform in Japan, Russia, and Tokyo with special philharmonic groups. She performs to sellout crowds in many of her venues. Even though she hasn’t quite reached 16 years old yet, the world is watching this beautiful prodigy grow up.

Even though her age is an issue when it comes to posting her own videos, there are people who are helping her by posting her current albums and places in which she has performed.

Here is a video showing her personality and grace.

Jackie Evancho is a musical prodigy who became a shining star. By performing as many places as you can and breaking the musical rules, you, too, can share your music across the globe.

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