How 24K Magic Reshaped Bruno Mars As a Musician

In early October 2016, the world learned that Bruno Mars would be releasing his first album after taking a very long, very quiet, four-year break from the music industry. This comeback was certainly well received, with fans clamoring to experience 24K Magic for themselves. The album, however, was very different from Bruno’s past two albums, revealing new characteristics about him that weren’t quite as apparent as before.

Here’s what listeners learned.

1. He’s heavily influenced by other decades, and he loves it.

In a review of the album, the Rolling Stone snarkily wrote that “the majority of the album hearkens back to the new jack swing and Cooleyhighharmonies of turn-of-the-Nineties charts,” but if you told that to Bruno, he’d probably hug you for it.

Throughout the album, it’s obvious Bruno is having a great time exploring the 90s, and even a bit of the 80s, and his apparent confidence makes it that much more fun to listen to.

Check out Bruno’s official “24K Magic” video here.

2. He used new music to show different sides of his personality.

Despite being a hard working superstar who often writes about love and break-ups, Bruno uses this album to show that has various other sides as well. While there are a few serious, sensual songs in the album, such as “Versace on the Floor,” there are also songs like “Calling All My Lovelies” in which Bruno balances on a thin line of corny and funny.

This new glimpse into Bruno’s personality shows that he truly enjoys his music, and has fun even in the writing process.

Watch Bruno loosen up with James Corden during Corden’s famous “Carpool Karaoke” here.

3. He released a concept album rather than just a collection of singles.

More and more artists these days have been transitioning more toward concept albums, and Bruno Mars has proved that he is no exception. In an interview with BET, Bruno discussed wanting this album to be more consistent, as opposed to isolated singles.

He says, “You hear my other albums, I’m bouncing around from genre to genre. I wanted to really hone it in and give myself a world in which I could keep it contained.”

By doing so, he’s showing new potential as an artist and giving himself more room to play around with his style.

Listen to Bruno talk more about his album and upcoming tour here.

Over the past few years, Bruno Mars has established himself as a household name across the world, and thanks to his new album, fans know more about him now than ever before. If you’re looking reach stardom the way Bruno has, follow in his footsteps, and you’re sure to be on your way.

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