How Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You” Video Got 47 Million Views In A Week

Music superstar Ed Sheeran is back at the top of the charts with his newest single “Shape of You.” This catchy beat has been climbing its way up the Billboard charts for the past few weeks, and Sheeran is out to celebrate with a brand new music video.

Here’s how Ed Sheeran’s new “Shape Of You” video got 47 million views in its first week.

1. The video reimagines the song as a movie.

The original lyric video for “Shape Of You” portrayed the song’s words with a very literal meaning. However, the official music video put a play on the title by setting the story in a gym.

When you’re making a music video, don’t think that you have to act out the words to the song literally. Take a bit of creative license to creative something different from the picture listeners already have in their heads.

Check out the original “Shape Of You” lyric video below.

2. Ed worked with other actors and a director to tell the story.

Ed Sheeran doesn’t work alone in “Shape Of You.” Rather, he added in actors Jennie Pegouskie and Yama. Jennie portrays Ed’s strong and fit love interest, and Yama plays his locker room adversary. Sheeran also worked with director Jason Koenig.

In order to make the best music video you can, gather a strong team of professionals to work with you. By combining creative minds, you’ll have better results.

Jason Koenig has also directed music videos for other famous acts, such as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

3. The video has a hilarious ending.

Perhaps the best part of “Shape Of You” is the sumo wrestling at the very end. After fighting (and losing to) Yama, Ed gets stuck on his back in his giant sumo wrestler costume. Viewers rewatched the video again and again just to see the ending one more time.

End your music video on a lighter note. Roll the credits over a blooper to keep your viewers hitting “watch again.”

Watch the “Shape Of You” official video below.

Ed Sheeran topped the charts with “Shape Of You.” By working with other professionals and reimagining the meaning of the lyrics, he also created something that fans will want to watch again and again.

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