How This Woman Earned 3 Million Subscribers

Grace Helbig is a vlogger, author, actress, and television personality. She’s been creating content for YouTube since 2007. Now, she has more than three million subscribers. Many of her videos hit YouTube’s trending page as soon as they’re uploaded.

Here’s how Grace Helbig earned three million subscribers.

1. She first made it big by working with a network.

Though Grace had begun vlogging on her personal channel in 2007, she began creating content for My Damn Channel in 2008. She signed on as a narrator for a web series, eventually landing her own vlog series, DailyGrace, with the network. She continued to work with My Damn Channel until 2013.

2. She concentrated on growing her personal channel.

In 2013, Grace started posting exclusively to her personal channel, which jumped from under 100,000 to about half a million subscribers a week after she relaunched it. The channel grew quickly, surpassing three million subscribers in just three years. Grace continues to upload new videos three times a week.

3. She expanded her career portfolio beyond YouTube.

Grace is an actress as well as a vlogger. She’s starred in several web series, including one created by the Fine Brothers. She’s also guest starred on AwesomenessTV and Epic Rap Battles of History. She starred in a commercial for Marriot Hotels & Resorts as well.

Grace also had a short stint as a talk show host for E!. Now, she hosts her own podcast.

Grace Helbig is a huge YouTube star because she takes advantage of every opportunity that comes her way. By working in several different types of media, Grace has built a strong and successful career.

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