How Zoella Created An Iconic YouTube Brand

There’s hardly a viewer on YouTube who hasn’t heard the name Zoella. Zoe Sugg is a major name in vlogging, makeup, and even publishing. She has nearly twelve million subscribers and her own successful beauty line. She’s also a best-selling novelist.

Here’s how Zoella became a YouTube icon.

1. She helped shape a major content niche from its very beginnings.

Zoe was one of the first young women to make a career about of beauty vlogging. Her original videos were all hauls and favorites, which quickly picked up steam with viewers. Zoe’s influence helped shape the YouTube beauty scene into the strong community that it is today.

2. She joined a network and a collaboration channel.

Right when her YouTube career began to take off, Zoe started creating content for the collaboration channel Daily Mix. She created several videos with fellow British beauty vlogger Louise Pentland. She also signed on as a member of the Style Haul network.

3. She expanded her brand into beauty products and books.

Zoella launched her line of Zoella Beauty products in 2014. The latest ranged came out in July 2017. Zoe also published two novels, the first of which earned her the title of highest first week sales for a debut novelist.

Zoe Sugg created an iconic YouTube brand under the name Zoella. By signing with a network and expanding her brand to real world products, she turned her channel into a successful business model.

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