3 Creative Side Gigs To Support Your YouTube Career

Vlogging is a viable and exciting career choice. However, in an industry that’s still so unpredictable, many content creators turn to side projects to help supplement their incomes. Even major YouTubers like Zoella and Lilly Singh have expanded their careers beyond the screen.

Here are three side gigs that can support your YouTube career.

1. Radio offers a lot of exciting opportunities.

Just as their YouTube careers were starting to take off, Britsh vloggers Dan Howell and Phil Lester were offered a radio show with the BBC. Their radio show took them to several major music festivals and red carpets and allowed them to interview many of their favorite celebrities.

You may not be able to jump straight to national radio, but you can likely find work in the local sector. You can research deejay jobs in your area or pitch ideas for your own short radio segment to local stations.

2. Writing opens up a whole new world.

Many vloggers share their stories in autobiographies, but Joey Graceffa decided to create a something that was entirely unique. Inspired by The Hunger Games, he wrote his own dystopian YA novel, Children of Eden. The best-seller’s sequel is due to be released this fall.

Thanks to online programs like the Amazon Kindle store, anyone can be an author. Self-publishing a novel or a collection of short stories is a good way to make money through a creative endeavor.

3. Start a podcast to let your voice be heard.

Lots of people enjoy listening to podcasts while they exercise or commute to work. Several big name YouTubers have created podcasts of their own, such as Shane Dawson’s Shane and Friends or Grace Helbig’s Not Too Deep. Each episode they post attracts hundreds of thousands of listeners.

All it takes to create a successful podcast is a great idea and a microphone. You can record on your computer and upload the files directly to SoundCloud.

Side gigs are a great way to supplement your income while you’re still growing your YouTube channel. Try one of these ideas to get more of your creatives ideas out into the world.

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Kristen Harris enjoys listening to a wide range of music, from Taylor Swift to, on occasion, Celtic instrumental. She also spends her time writing, reading, and baking.

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