How This Young Vlogger Got More Than 2 Million Subscribers In Less Than 2 Years

At only eighteen, vlogger Tana Mongeau already has more than two million subscribers. Though she’s only been on YouTube for about a year and a half, she already has a lot on influence in the vlogging community.

Here’s how Tana Mongeau built up an audience of more than two million subscribers.

1. Her relatable rants rake in the views.

Tana is well-known for her storytimes. Oftentimes, she tells stories by ranting. Even though Tana rants about what makes her angry, viewers love to watch these videos because of how animated and sarcastic she can be.

Rants are one of the most relatable kinds of videos you can produce. When something irritates you, share the story with your followers. The more ridiculous it sounds, the more people will want to watch it.

This recent rant got almost a million views in four days.

2. She constantly updates her subscribers on her personal life.

One of the most personal stories that Tana has ever shared on her channel is her struggle with the man who has been stalking her since the second grade. After posting her initial story about her stalker, she kept her subscribers in the loop through more stories and Q and A’s.

After you tell your subscribers a particularly interesting story, keep them updated so that they’ll keep coming back for more. Q and A’s are another great way to get more viewers to keep up with your videos.

Here’s a Q and A that Tana made about her stalker story.

3. She started a collaboration channel to reach other vloggers’ audiences.

After Tana built up a substantial following of her own, she decided to combine her star power with other up-and-coming vloggers. Together, she and six other vloggers created Trash, a collaboration channel that combined their fan bases to promote their channels to each other’s audiences.

Once you’ve built up a substantial base of subscribers, combine your influence with other content creators. Work together to promote your content to each other’s followers.

Here’s one of the first videos that Tana posted to Trash.

4. Her thumbnails are extremely expressive.

Many viewers can’t help but click on Tana’s videos because her thumbnails are just so intriguing. The combination of over-the-top facial expressions and clickbait titles is the perfect hook to bring new viewers to her channel.

A standout video needs a standout thumbnail. Be as expressive as you can when you create custom thumbnails for your videos.

The thumbnail on this video is a perfect example.

Tana Mongeau built up a huge following in a very short amount of time. By emulating her video production tactics, you, too, can build up a substantial subscriber base.

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