Why This YouTuber Gets Hundreds Of Thousands Of Views

Joey Graceffa has more than seven million subscribers on his main channel. He posts a new video every single day, which enables him to offer a wide variety of content to his viewers. There is something on his channel for every new viewer.

Here’s why Joey Graceffa gets hundreds of thousands of views.

1. He operates two different channels.

On his main channel, Joey posts daily vlogs, DIYs, and product tests. However, he also operates a gaming channel, which has more than two million subscribers of its own. He posts several videos to his gaming channel every week.

By having more than one channel, you can specialize your content for different audiences. The fans of one channel will likely check out your second channel, which gives you more views and an opportunity to gain twice as many subscribers as your single channel may have.

This popular video from Joey’s gaming channel is a lot different than the content on his vlog.

2. He uses clickbait titles and thumbnails to his advantage.

One of the ways that Joey gets so many viewers to watch his videos is by enticing them with clickbait titles and thumbnails. He attaches a seemingly unbelievable title to a vlog so that his viewers just have to click on it to find out what it means.

Clickbait is a great way to get more viewers to click on your views. Take the most shocking part of your video and make it into an outrageous title.

Joey used the clickbait title “Are We Having Kids?!” to get viewers to watch this vlog about his boyfriend’s birthday.

3. He keeps up with trending video topics.

Whenever there’s a new crazy video trend, Joey is quick to make one of his own. He has videos about trying girl products, buying weird stuff online, and microwaving things, all of which are recent video trends.

Whenever you see that several popular vloggers are making the same kind of videos, be quick to join in on the trend. That way, when viewers search for the trend, they’ll find your video first.

Joey made several microwaving videos, a trend that Lucas Cruikshank and Shane Dawson have also had a hand in.

Joey Graceffa gets a lot of views because he posts a lot of videos. Follow these tips to start getting a few hundred thousand views of your own.

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