How Blending Genres Expands Your Music Audience

For any musician, combining music genres is a potential option. If done correctly, it can become a staple of your music and help you become a huge success. If done incorrectly, it can make your music sound like an incomprehensible jumble. However, the potential benefits of mixing genres can far outweigh the potential setbacks.

Here’show blending genres expands your listening audience.

1. It will make your sound stand out.

Any audience will gravitate toward something that sounds unique. The benefit of genre-blending is that it can give your music a unique and memorable flavor. People will hear about the kind of music you’ve created and look for it and potentially join your fan base because of how it can stand out, provided that the blending has been done properly.

This DJ gives others some tips on how to blend genres together with a turntable.

2. The creative potential is endless.

The potential that musical genre-blending has is incredible, given the numerous genres out there that exist. You can choose from rock to pop to jazz to many, many more genres that can be properly combined for a great song.

However, it should be noted that if the genres aren’t combined properly, the discordant noise can be very off-putting to any potential audience. That being said, even the most unexpected combination of genres can work, like rap and opera, as seen in this video.

3. It will attract listeners who love both genres.

The audience that you are trying to attract will be more likely to follow you if your music suits their interests. Properly mixed musical genres that are integrated into a single song can bring an audience that likes each genre you’ve used in your music.

Someone who creates a piece that puts Latin rock and pop rock together can bring two demographics that like each genre respectively. However, it does need to be a song that shows off the strengths of both genres but the potential audience for that song is huge, like the song “Smooth” by Santana and Rob Thomas.

Genre-blending is a practice in the music industry done by musicians whose love of music, creativity, and curiosity about experimenting come together into an inspirational impulse. If done correctly, it can provide major benefits for the musician and lead into greater success.

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