How This Vlogger Got 6 Million+ Views On Her First Video

Twenty-year-old Jennelle Eliana posted her first YouTube video in June 2019. Less than a month later, her first video amassed more than 6.5 million views, and her subscriber count jumped to an impressive 1.5 million.

Here’s how this vlogger got more than six million views on her first video.

She already had a substantial following on Instagram.

Before starting her YouTube channel, Jennelle already had several hundred thousand followers on Instagram. It was there that she first began sharing her unique lifestyle with an online audience.

Jennelle is part of the growing “van life” movement of young people who convert and live in vans. She used her Instagram to give curious people an inside look at her lifestyle and her van.


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Her channel introduces viewers to her unique lifestyle.

The main draw of Jennelle’s video is, of course, her unique lifestyle. Every scene leads to more questions, which she continues to answer, keeping viewers hooked until the very end.

Anticipating more questions, Jennelle promised viewers she’d be making more videos about specific aspects of her van life. Curiosity turned many interested viewers into invested subscribers.

Her video title immediately caught viewers’ attention.

The title of Jennelle’s first video stands out from anything else on YouTube: “VAN TOUR | SOLO FEMALE TRAVELER lives VANLIFE with PET SNAKE!” It’s the kind of title that immediately gets viewers asking questions. What is van life? What does her van look like? Why does she have a pet snake?

The title is just long enough to capture everything that makes the video unique—she’s a young woman living and traveling in a van with just her pet snake. It reads like clickbait, but everything it promises is true.

Vlogger Jennelle Eliana is off to a strong start. With plenty of material to work with, she has nothing but great things coming. Her journey is an inspiration to up-and-coming vloggers everywhere.

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