3 Key Editing Tricks For Every Vlogger

For many aspiring content creators, editing videos can be the most difficult part of the job. Many vloggers teach themselves how to edit using anything from iMovie to Final Cut.

However, no matter which editing software you’re using, there are a few basic tricks of the trade you should know.

1. Sync your sound and your video with a clap.

To get the best audio possible, you should record your audio separately. Instead of relying on your camera’s built-in microphone, use a lavalier mic or an external mic.

When you record the audio and video on different devices, matching them up in post-production is extremely important. To make it simple, start each recording by clapping. Then, you can match up the spike in the sound waves from both files. Once you’ve lined them up, deleted or mute the audio from your video file.

2. Avoid awkward jump cuts by capturing lots of b-roll.

Jump cuts are a hallmark of beginner vlogs. Editing out part of a clip creates an awkward gap where the subject “jumps” from one position to another. Not only do these cuts look unprofessional, but they can also irritate viewers who have come to expect a high production value in the content they enjoy.

To avoid using jump cuts, patch over them with b-roll footage. Whenever you film a video, make sure to get plenty of shots outside of the main one where you’re talking to the camera. Show off your surroundings, get close-ups, etc. You may even consider shooting another cut of the video from a different angle.

3. Learn keyboard shortcuts to save time.

Editing is a long, labor-intensive progress. In order to save time without the quality of your videos, learn the keyboard shortcuts for the video editing software that you use.

To find them, simply search the name of your editing software along with the phrase “keyboard shortcuts” on YouTube. For example, the tutorial below can teach you the keyboard shortcuts for Adobe Premiere.

Video editing comes with a huge learning curve. However, with these tricks up your sleeve, your videos will come out looking better in no time.

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