5 Video Trends That Will Get You Views

One of the best ways to get views in the current YouTube climate is to create the kinds of videos viewers can’t get enough of. When it seems like everyone’s doing the same video idea, there’s a reason you should get on board. YouTube suggests similar videos to viewers, so yours is likely to be the next they discover.

Here are five video trends that will get you views.

1. Viewers crave mukbangs.

Mukbangs have been extremely popular in South Korea for years, but they only recently took off on mainstream western YouTube. In these super casual videos, vloggers eat a ton of food while chatting to the camera.

The best thing about a mukbang is that you can make it into whatever you want. You can do a Q-and-A while eating vegan pizza or do a storytime while enjoying endless hot wings. You can even bring other people in like the video below.

2. Let the person in front of you decide for you.

“Letting the person in front of me decide what I eat” is the latest video trend to sweep YouTube. In these videos, the vlogger goes to a drive-thru and asks that the person in front of them orders for them.

After the initial wave of these videos, vloggers started putting their own twist on the idea. For example, one beauty vlogger asked the people in front of her in Sephora to decide her makeup routine.

3. Compare the cheap and expensive versions of things.

Many viewers turn to their favorite vloggers for reliable product reviews, especially when the product in question costs a considerable amount of money. However, many others search for advice on finding more affordable alternatives.

This dichotomy helped birth the popular “cheap vs. expensive” trend. Many of these videos are inspired by BuzzFeed’s series Worth It.

4. Put questionable viral life hacks to the test.

Sometimes, videos go viral, yet most viewers can’t seem to figure out why. Many of these videos involve “life hacks” with questionable purposes or photoshopped outcomes. So, when vloggers began testing out these questionable life hacks for themselves, a new video trend emerged.

The latest round of life hack-testing videos often take inspiration from the infamous channel Troom Troom. Natalies Outlet was one of the biggest vloggers who put Troom Troom’s hacks to the test.

5. Get views that will give you chills with an ASMR video.

A few years ago, ASMR exploded from a tiny niche to the video trend the internet couldn’t stop talking about. Designed to help viewers relax, these videos focus on small sounds such as fingernails tapping or food crunching.

Now, lots of vloggers have been trying out ASMR for themselves. With an external microphone and a few household objects, anyone can give it a go.

Participating in video trends can help you reach lots of new viewers. Try one of these ideas or share your own in the comments!

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