How This Vlogger Got 3 Million People Watching His Videos

YouTube content has become diverse since its beginnings with many talented individuals creating interesting videos. Vlogging has become a popular format for many YouTubers who wish to share their daily lives with viewers.

One such YouTube vlogger is Mo Vlogs, who is a vlogger from the UAE. Below are the reasons why Mo Vlogs has earned more than three million subscribers on YouTube.

1. His videos give viewers a glimpse into a different way of life.

Mo Vlogs uploads videos that are interesting to viewers because they give them a glimpse of life in Dubai. Mo Vlogs partakes in various activities and entertaining shenanigans in his videos, which range from racing luxury cars to eating at expensive restaurants.

The videos almost feel like they’re giving you a tour of Dubai. Below is an example of this.

2. His video footage is very high quality.

Mo Vlogs records his daily adventures with various cameras and even drones, which shows his dedication to producing high-quality content. This is appreciated by viewers because it shows that he wishes to give them good footage of his life in Dubai.

Below is an example of his video footage.

3. Mo Vlogs’s personality makes his videos appealing to viewers.

Mo Vlogs’s video content is great, but without his personality and humor, it would not be as entertaining to his viewers. He makes sure his videos show a glimpse of his personality, and it feels like he is a cheerful tour guide of Dubai and his life in particular.

Below is an example of his personality in a video of his.

Above are the reasons why Mo Vlogs has earned more than three million subscribers on his YouTube channel. His YouTube video content is fresh and entertaining to viewers because it shows life in Dubai, and his videos are shot in high quality. His personality makes the videos interesting and makes it feel like viewers are on a tour of Dubai.

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