How This YouTuber Earned His First Million Subscribers

Vlogging has become a common content format in recent years because it gives a personal account into the creator’s life. Most people transition from one type of content format to vlogging, and this evident with former Vine star King Bach.

Below are the reasons why King Bach has earned over one million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

1. King Bach is a former Vine personality and star.

In the early days if Vine, King Bach became quite popular, and he was considered one of the premier Viners. He eventually developed his own style of comedy, and he initially became noticed because of his Vine videos.

Below is an example of the kind of content that first launched him into the spotlight.

2. His style of comedy and his personality make his videos entertaining.

King Bach’s personality ultimately made him famous on Vine, and he has become a prominent internet celebrity due to it. His humor and wit are appealing to viewers, and his vlogs are evidence of that.

Below is an example of his comedy.

3. Bach;s vlogs show his ability to transition to other content formats.

King Bach made the transition from Vine to YouTube and developed content that was different from his previous video content. His vlogs are entertaining to viewers and give a more personal view of his daily life.

Below is an example of his vlogs.

These are the reasons why Bach Vlogs has earned more than a million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is a former Vine star who has become a prominent internet personality because his humor is appealing to viewers. His transition to YouTube from Vine showed his ability to adapt to different content formats.

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