How This Vlogger Gets Thousands Of Views On Her Daily Videos

Lisa Schwartz, a.k.a. Lisbug, is an actress and YouTuber who has more than two million subscribers. She posts a new video every single day Monday through Friday, never missing an upload. Her daily videos get thousands of views almost instantly, with some reaching more than 100,000 views in less than a week.

Here’s how Lisa gets thousands of views on her daily videos.

1. She follows a strict schedule with the kinds of videos she uploads.

Lisa rarely makes random videos. Each day is dedicated to a certain video series, such as “Trying Girly Products” on Wednesdays and “Scandals Revealed” on Fridays. Her subscribers are accustomed to the schedule, so fans of a certain video series know exactly which day to check back.

Whenever Lisa uploads a particularly creepy video, she refers more sensitive viewers to a lighter video from the day before.

2. She lets the viewers decide what kind of content she creates.

Lisa creates most of her viewers based on suggestions from her videos. Every topic she covers is taken from either the top comments on previous videos or a tweet from a fan. She also tests products that her followers tweet her about.

Occasionally, when Lisa has tried to start a new video series, her viewers don’t respond to it well. In such situations, she goes back to creating the videos that her viewers prefer instead.

3. She creates videos based on viral beauty products and popular shows.

Lisa also makes a lot of videos about popular beauty products and television series. By creating videos about things that viewers are already searching for, she opens up her channel to new potential fans.

Lisa Schwartz gets thousands of views on her daily videos because she creates the kinds of videos that her followers want to watch every week. By listening to her audience, she built up a strong community of loyal viewers.

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