How Justin Bieber Gained Fame Through YouTube

Almost every human on the planet is familiar with the name Justin Bieber, but not that many know that he actually started on YouTube. Bieber filmed himself singing covers of songs on YouTube at an extremely young age. Eventually, he was “discovered,” and thus his rise to fame began.

What made him stand out from all the other singers on YouTube?

1. He was passionate.

One thing every successful artist has in common is passion. If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, you won’t succeed. Being driven and loving what you do is the key to success, especially in the entertainment industry, where the competition is endless.

2. He was driven.

Sticking with something you aren’t sure is going to pan out can be extremely difficult. Maintaining a sense of motivation and drive is incredibly important. Despite the fact that Bieber didn’t know whether or not his videos would get him noticed, he persisted!

3. He catered to a specific audience.

Not having a target audience can make any entertainment venture extremely daunting. Catering to a specific audience, in this case young and teenage girls, allows one to focus the energy on pleasing one group. Rather than trying to spread yourself too thin by trying to be overly diverse in content, you can focus and perfect one type of content.

4. He had his own unique look.

While many longtime fans cringe at it now, that bowl cut that Bieber sported in his early days really set him apart from the crowd. He was easily distinguishable and thus memorable.

He also has a unique voice, which lets people know he’s the voice in the radio. Building a persona or style helps you get noticed because you’re set apart from the crowd.

Drive, passion, and individuality are the key factors of Justin Bieber’s success. Maintaining a sense of self while promoting his music from an extremely young age allowed him to get discovered, and thus his rise to fame began.

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