How This Vlogger Gained Almost 3 Million Subscribers

Trisha Paytas is among the first wave of iconic YouTubers. She’s like the original Tana Mongeau or SimplyNessa. In her years of YouTube stardom, this actress, singer, and model has amassed 2.8 million subscribers.

Here’s how Trisha Paytas gained almost three million subscribers.

1. She’s made the rounds on reality TV.

YouTube isn’t the only place that millions of viewers have seen Trisha’s face. She’s appeared on multiple reality shows, including Dr. Phil, My Strange Addiction, and The Price Is Right. She’s even slated to appear on the next season of Celebrity Big Brother.

2. She was made into a popular meme.

Trisha was one of the first YouTubers to start doing storytimes, a video format in which a vlogger simply recounts a story from her own life on camera. However, never one to be simple, Trisha often told such dramatic and over-the-top stories that she was made into a meme. Ironically, these memes poking fun at her videos drove even more traffic to Trisha’s channel.

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3. She keeps viewers guessing with one clickbait video after another.

Even after all the memes, Trisha’s clickbait game is still going strong. By using shocking, dramatic titles, she reels thousands of viewers into each and every video. Plenty of people click play just to see what her crazy title could possibly mean.

Trisha Paytas became a YouTube star by making herself into the queen of clickbait. Because her videos are as dramatic as the reality TV shows she’s been on, viewers get addicted to Trisha’s content.

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