How This Girl Earned 2.7 Million Subscribers In Just A Month

Model and YouTuber Erika Costell uploaded her first YouTube video at the beginning of July, and she already has almost three million subscribers. Several of her videos even have more views than she has subscribers. Basically, Erika is living every aspiring social media influencer’s dream.

Here’s how Erika Costell earned 2.7 million subscribers in just a month.

1. She joined a powerful YouTube network.

Right now, Team 10 is one of the most powerful forces on YouTube. This vlogger network, formed by social media mogul Jake Paul, connects young people with a huge audience and teaches them how to market themselves as stars.

Many of Erika’s videos feature her popular Team 10 friends.

2. She pulled a major stunt for a viral vlog.

Many of Erika’s subscribers came from the video in which she married Jake Paul in Las Vegas. The event was so shocking, especially considering the fact that her new husband had just recently dumped a different girl very publically, that millions of viewers tuned in to find out what was going on.

Erika often uses her husband’s face and name to attract more viewers to her videos.

3. She uses daily vlogs and clickbait to keep her viewers invested.

Just looking through her video titles, one might think that Erika’s life is one emotional roller coaster after another. However, she simply makes use of clickbait as an attention-grabbing tactic. She gives each video a title that blows the content out of proportion, but she makes sure that the video itself is interesting enough to warrant a viewer’s click.

Erika keeps her viewers invested in her crazy life by posting a new video every single day. This way, fans can tune in as if they were watching their favorite reality TV show.

Erika Costell gained almost three million subscribers in a month by harnessing the power of a network, daily vlogs, and clickbait titles. These tactics require a vlogger to step way out of his or her comfort zone, but for those who dream of internet fame, it may be worth it.

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