How This Vlogger Earned Over One Million Subscribers

Seventeen-year-old Jessie Paege started her YouTube channel in December 2013. Fast forward three years later, she’s amassed more than one million subscribers. Her videos have more than 41 million total views.

Here’s how Jessie Paege earned more than one million subscribers.

1. She promotes each new video by messaging subscribers who’ve watched it.

Whenever Jessie posts a new video, she uploads a new picture to Instagram. Though the picture may be unrelated to the video, she uses the picture’s caption to advertise her new video. She asks followers who have watched the video to leave a certain comment so that she can private message them.

Viewers love to interact with content creators. Sending your subscribers private messages is a great incentive to get them to watch your videos.

This is one of Jessie’s self-promotional Instagram posts.

2. She created a unique personal style that makes her stand out from other similar content creators.

Jessie Paege is well-known for her bright pink hair. Though plenty of vloggers are blonde, brunette, or even blue-haired, Jessie’s vibrant pink locks make her stand out from the crowd. Other content creators, such as Joey Graceffa and Markiplier, have used unique hair colors as a way to stand out in their subscribers’ feeds.

You don’t have to dye your hair a wild color to capture your viewers’ attention. Brightly colored clothing or backgrounds can have the same effect.

Jessie made this video all about her vibrant hair.

3. She maintains a separate vlog channel to provide her viewers with more content.

Jessie Paege is one of the many content creators who maintain vlogging channels separate from their main channels. She uses hers to post more behind-the-scenes content. She also uploads to her vlog channel more frequently than she uploads to her main channel, so viewers can subscribe to both to get more than twice as much content.

Once you’ve built up a substantial following, consider starting a separate vlog channel. You can use this channel as a way to promote your main content daily.

Here is one of Jessie Paege’s latest vlogs.

Jessie Paege built up a following of more than a million subscribers in about three years. She’s proof that dedication and smart promotion will take your channel where you want it to go.

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