How This Actress Gained Two Million Subscribers

Lisa Schwartz moved to Los Angeles with the dream of becoming an actress almost ten years ago. However, an audition for the Fine Brothers YouTube channel led her down a path she’d never considered before. With help from the Fine Brothers and her then-boyfriend Shane Dawson, Lisa created her own YouTube channel.

Now, Lisbug has more than two million subscribers. Here’s how she went from aspiring actress to YouTube superstar.

1. She befriended popular content creators.

Lisa’s work with the Fine Brothers led to the creation of her own YouTube channel. When she was working with them, she also met Shane Dawson, who was one of the first big names on YouTube. Lisa and Shane made plenty of collaboration videos during the three years that they dated. Lisa often starred in Shane’s popular music video parodies. Even now that they’re just friends, she and Shane continue to make videos together.

As you’re starting to build a strong base of subscribers, get to know other content creators who are already at the level that you want to be. Don’t take advantage of their popularity to boost your own, though. Instead, form long-lasting and meaningful friendships by creating fun videos together.

Here’s a video that Lisa and Shane filmed together recently.

2. She works with YouTuber-led projects.

Lisa starred in Shane Dawson’s 2014 film Not Cool alongside YouTubers such as Drew Monson. The movie was released on iTunes, where it immediately reached the number one slot.

When your fellow content creators are working on a project, don’t be afraid to get involved. Working together to create films or promotional campaigns will bring together everyone’s combined audience.

Check out the trailer for Not Cool below.

3. She continues to work in entertainment outside of her channel.

Even though her YouTube channel is successful, Lisa continues to act as well. She does voice work for the popular cartoon Talking Tom and Friends, and she created and starred in the television series Party Girl.

By working in entertainment outside of your channel, you’ll draw in more viewers who admire your work.

Watch the first episode of Party Girl here.

Lisa Schwartz built up a large YouTube following through a lot of collaboration and entertainment work outside of her channel. If you do the same, you’ll build up plenty of subscribers of your own.

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