How This DIY Channel Earned 4 Million Subscribers In 9 Months

One of the most interesting things about YouTube is the ability for the channel creators to answer questions people have. MrGear has only been a channel for less than nine months, and it already has four million subscribers. Their DIY and lifehacks channel makes for interesting viewers.

Here’s how MrGrear earned so many subscribers so quickly.

1. They seek to answer outrageous questions.

A lot of people have random questions of “What would happen if I did this?”. Many people have seen what happens when adding Mentos to Coke. The MrGear channel has taken this a step further.

They have asked what would happen if a superheated knife cut through a bottle of Coke.

2. They offer their viewers helpful suggestions.

MrGear channel has been putting together helpful suggestions to their subscribers. They have everything from starting fires in emergencies to tinfoil hacks. These helpful videos can help people stay alive in an emergency.

This video shows simple fire starting hacks.

3. They perform interesting experiments.

MrGear likes to present different ideas into their videos. Instead of boring talk or weird music, their videos are quite informative. They do have the ever important warning of not trying their experiments at home, but it makes their videos even more alluring.

Here’s one of their awesome experiments.

MrGear has quickly made it into the top ten viral YouTube channels in a short amount of time. Their experiments are in line with The Slow Motion Guys, Oddly Satisfying, and Lava vs. segments on YouTube. People find their videos highly entertaining because they answer questions many people do not have the opportunity to answer in their everyday lives.

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