3 Videos Series You Can Start Filming Today

Grav3yardgirl has “Does This Thing Really Work?”. Rhett and Link have “Good Mythical Morning.” Philip DeFranco has “The Philip DeFranco Show.” Many vloggers have made their names off of popular video series. Millions of viewers come back to these channels for the next installment of the series they love. A good video series can grow a channel and even get a vlogger on the trending page.

Here are three video series that you can start filming today.

1. Play the hashtag game.

Late night television host Jimmy Fallon plays the hashtag game with his audience about once a week. He tweets out a funny hashtag, and viewers respond with anecdotes or jokes of their own.

Vlogger Jacksfilms plays his own version of the hashtag game with his audience. In his video series “Yesterday I Asked You,” fans respond to the question from his last video with the hashtag #YIAY.

2. Turn one of your most popular videos into a series.

Lots of vloggers test out life hacks or crazy beauty products. However, not many can screw it up quite as royally as Shane Dawson can. Rather than treat these videos as a fail, Shane turns them into comedy videos that his viewers can’t get enough of. He’s made several series based off of trying (and failing at) life hacks and DIYs.

3. Do some research and share fun facts with your viewers.

Lisbug creates five videos a week, with each weekday dedicated to a different video series. Most of her series rely on a bit of internet digging that she can then summarize for her viewers. She takes viewer requests on Twitter and does the research so that her fans don’t have to.

Your ability to create a popular series depends heavily on what your viewers want to see. By giving them more of what they want, you’ll have a popular series on your hands in no time.

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