How This Vlog Channel Got A Million Subscribers

Vlogging is one of the most popular kinds of content on YouTube. Viewers love to get a peek into someone else’s daily life, especially if that person has a life that’s worlds away from their own.

YouTuber Gabi Demartino is most widely known for the channel that she runs with her sister Niki, but her personal vlog channel has more than a million subscribers on its own.

Here’s how Fancy Vlogs By Gab earned more than a million subscribers.

1. She chose a unique name that makes her channel stand out.

When creating a vlog channel, most creators choose to call theirs something as unoriginal as “Creator’s Name Vlogs.” However, by choosing a unique name for her vlog channel, Gabi made sure that her videos stood out from the crowd.

She also used the name as another opportunity to brand her channel. Because Gabi’s videos focus on her Chanel-toting, vintage dress-wearing life, “Fancy Vlogs By Gab” was the perfect name.

2. She created a strong brand for her channel.

Gabi has a very strong sense of style. So, she built her channel around the things she loves the most, such as vintage clothing and the color pink.

By choosing a few elements of her personality as the basis of her channel, Gabi gave viewers a clear idea of what to expect from her content.

3. She features several recurring characters in her vlogs.

Viewers don’t watch Fancy Vlogs just to see Gabi. Rather, like a reality show, there are other personalities to keep them entertained. Most notably, Gabi’s videos feature her boyfriend, her dog, and her “VS Squad” of friends.

Gabi Demartino created Fancy Vlogs By Gab as a way to share her personal life with her viewers. By creating a strong personal brand and giving her channel a unique name, she was able to achieve exactly what she wanted.

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