How These British Vloggers Created A Widely Successful Collaboration

British vloggers Daniel Howell and Phil Lester are two of the biggest names on YouTube. Together, Dan and Phil have a radio show, two books, a world tour, two documentaries, and millions of subscribers.

Dan and Phil make videos together pretty often, especially because they’re best friend and flatmates. However, it’s their annual collaboration “Phil Is Not On Fire” that gets the most views every year.

Here’s how Dan and Phil created a wildly successful collaboration.

1. They turned a popular video idea completely on its head.

PINOF was originally intended to be a Q-and-A video. However, Dan and Phil took it a step further by choosing to answer the most outrageous questions they could find. The quick, choppy editing adds another layer to their often sarcastic senses of humor.

The first “Phil Is Not On Fire” was the very first video that Dan and Phil filmed together.

2. They gave the videos a marketable element.

Perhaps the most iconic part of PINOF is the cat whiskers. Since the very first video, Dan and Phil have drawn cat whiskers on their faces with a felt tip pen. When they launched their online merchandise store, they sold posters, mugs, and jewelry featuring the iconic whiskers.

3. They release the video around the same time every year.

Dan and Phil’s humungous online fanbase celebrates every October as PINOF season. By releasing the video at the same time every year, they know that they can expect millions of views almost instantly.

Together, Dan and Phil have created an entire world for their subscribers. “Phil Is Not On Fire” is like Christmas for the millions of viewers who love them.

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