How This Woman Earned 2.5 Million+ Subscribers

Louise Pentland is a British vlogger, beauty expert, and author. She’s one of the most successful beauty vloggers in Europe. She recently published a bestselling novel as well.

Here’s how she earned more than 2.5 million subscribers.

1. She covers topics from her daily life that many viewers can relate to.

When Louise started her channel in 2010, she made beauty and lifestyle videos. However, she also made videos about her first pregnancy, which isn’t something that a lot of creators are able to talk about online.

Now that Louise is pregnant with her second child, she’s again sharing the journey with her viewers.

2. She frequently collaborates with other YouTube stars.

Louise has made a ton of videos with other major British YouTube stars, from Zoella to Dan and Phil. However, what really gets viewers watching is the fact that Louise is friends with these creators in real life, too. Because no one is not putting on airs for the camera, watching Louise’s collaborations is like hanging out with old friends.

3. She rebranded her channel when the time was right.

In late 2016, Louise uploaded a video called “Finishing with Sprinkle of Glitter.” In this video, she explained to her viewers that she would no longer be continuing with her channel the way it then was. She made the decision to focus on more mature, personal content that represented her more as Louise Pentland than as “Sprinkle of Glitter.”

Louise Pentland earned more than 2.5 million subscribers by giving her viewers honest and entertaining content. By embracing what makes her unique, Sprinkle Of Glitter created a place where more than two million people can feel at home.

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