How This Video Series Gets Thousands Of Views

Soul Pancake is a YouTube channel that has a series of videos called “Tell My Story.” It’s a series where strangers interview each other as a first date icebreaker. It’s a way for them to learn about the other person without the awkward silence. The first video blew up because it was a new way for people to meet each other and decide if they were interested in each other.

Here is how Soul Pancake’s “Tell My Story” series get thousands of views.

1. They create videos that appeal to a diverse audience.

The people who are shown in the video are not all exactly alike. Their content is diverse, which helps a lot of people relate to it. Keeping your videos diverse is a great way to keep different viewers involved. People like to see a variety of ethnicities being shown in videos.

If you let your viewers see themselves represented in your work, it can help bring in more viewers. People like to see that there are positive changes being made in society, and they support that.

2. The different topics keep the series interesting.

Each video posted has a different topic, and it keeps the series interesting. The same concept is being used in each video, but there is a different topic being discussed every time.

When creating a video, you should make sure that you are not repeating the same topic over and over again. Changing up the topics can keep your series of videos interesting, and it gives people a variety of videos to watch.

3. The content is relevant and timely.

Soul Pancake likes to keep their videos modern by creating topics that are recently being talked about. Keeping your videos up-to-date on what is popular can help bring in views. This generation likes to keep up with what is trending. If you are able to keep up with what is popular and show that in your videos, then you would bring in a lot of viewers in.

Soul Pancake’s “Tell My Story” creates content that the new generations can relate to. They show different kinds of people, which helps people relate to their videos.They keep up with trends, and that helps their viewership grow.

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