What Makes Lilly Singh A YouTube Icon

Even many people who aren’t regular YouTube viewers know and recognize the name Lilly Singh. Better known online as IISuperwomanII, Lilly runs one of the most popular channels of all time.

Here’s what makes Lilly Singh a YouTube icon.

1. She creates relatable content with wide appeal.

The majority of Lilly’s videos are simple, clean, and relatable. Everyone in the family can enjoy her content, which helps her reach viewers across the board. Because her style of humor is silly rather than dry and sarcastic, her videos can appeal to just about anyone.

2. Her brand promotes positivity and empowerment.

Lilly is all about spreading positivity and love. She’s relentlessly happy on social media, and she’s built her entire brand on the principle of staying positive. She aims to empower her audience and encourages them to work hard to achieve their dreams. This message hits home with millions of fans across the globe.

3. She broke into mainstream media with a successful book.

A year ago, Lilly released her first book, How To Be A Bawse. Its successful release propelled her into the spotlight, landing her interviews on The Tonight Show and Today. She embarked on a worldwide speaking tour to promote her book as well.

Lilly Singh’s success opened the door for a whole new generation of YouTube stars. She’s an icon because she broke the mold for online fame.

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