How This Video Got Over A Million Views In A Week

Vlogger Tana Mongeau has been through her fair share of YouTube drama. Though she has come out of it a stronger person, she’s also picked up quite a few haters along the way. However, Tana channeled the hate into more than a million views on her latest video.

Here’s how she did it.

1. She engaged both viewers who loved her and viewers who hated her.

Tana’s video title hooked viewers from both sides of the drama. Those who supported her jumped to her defense, and those who weren’t so fond of her couldn’t wait to see how she handled the hate.

Videos about hate comments have been popular on YouTube for years.

2. She addressed the drama with humor.

Tana hasn’t been on YouTube for very long, but she’s never far from drama. From feuding with other vloggers to being accused of lying about her age, she’s proven that she can handle anything that life (and commenters) throws her way.

By addressing the drama in a video, she brought in viewers who’d been wondering what was going on. By making it funny, she brought in viewers who just wanted to be entertained.

She did the same sort of thing with her “Roast Yourself” challenge.

3. She involved other creators.

The “haters” in Tana’s video are actually a YouTube couple, Elijah and Christine. By involving them in her video, Tana brought their subscribers to her video as well. She also attracted new viewers from a different side of YouTube.

Here’s one of Elijah and Christine’s most popular videos.

Tana Mongeau knows how to rake in views, no matter what drama she’s wrapped up in. Follow her example when dealing with haters and earning the loyalty of your viewers.

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