How Shane Dawson Became A YouTube Legend

With more than nine million subscribers and almost ten years into his YouTube career, it’s safe to say that most every vlogger knows who Shane Dawson is. He creates viral videos without even trying, and he inspires trends with his most popular videos.

Here’s how Shane Dawson became a YouTube legend.

1. He made parodies of pop cultures things his viewers loved.

Shane first joined YouTube in 2008 with his popular channel ShaneDawsonTV. He created parody sketches and music videos making fun of everything from Lady Gaga to Paris Hilton. This channel built up almost eight million subscribers.

One of the channel’s most popular videos made fun of the YouTube sensation Fred.

2. When his views went down, he found a new style.

As Shane’s viewers grew up, they stopped enjoying his style of comedy as much as they had in the beginning. Finding himself with a new and younger audience, Shane smartly changed up his style to match the new YouTube landscape. Now, he creates hilarious food videos and ridiculous reactions on his personal channel.

Shane’s conspiracy theory videos have taken YouTube by storm.

3. He continues to do what he loves.

No matter what kind of videos he may be making, Shane’s first love will always be short films. He’s stayed in touch with this passion by turning his autobiographies into short films starring his YouTuber friends.

Check out “It Gets Worse” here.

Shane Dawson didn’t become a YouTube icon overnight. Rather, through years of hard work and a willingness to adapt, he’s remained one of the top content creators for the better part fo a decade.

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