How Jenna Marbles Created A Viral Trend

When it comes to creating content, Jenna Marbles doesn’t follow any set formula or plan. However, her weird and wacky video ideas often spark new trends in the YouTube community, as was the case with this video.

Here’s how Jenna Marbles created a viral trend.

1. She had a unique video idea that hadn’t been done before.

Before the idea popped into Jenna’s head, no one outside of the beauty community had thought to cover an entire face in rhinestones. She was inspired by a picture that she saw on Twitter, but she made the idea all her own. Before long, every other vlogger was covering his or her face in something sparkly.

Jenna created another trend when she turned “Smash or Pass” on its head.

2. Her video was easy to replicate.

One of the reasons that this challenge took off was that it was simple to replicate. With a quick trip to the craft store, anyone could do a full face of rhinestones. That’s why everyone did.

Popular vlogger Joey Graceffa got in on the action with a glitter beard.

3. Other creators could put their own twist on the challenge.

No two YouTubers are alike. They often love to do challenges in their own, unique ways. Jenna’s challenge was perfect for this.

TheGabbieShow mixed it up with googly eyes instead of rhinestones.

Jenna Marbles created a viral trend by creating a unique and easily replicable video. Follow these tips to start an original video trend of your own.

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